In this project im going to show you how can you make a very super led chaser using some capacitors,transistors, LEDs and resistors. Transistors are very handy little components that have many capabilities in electronics fields. In the circuit i have made 5 LEDs chaser in a ring shape.

Components Required:

  • Transistors BC 547 ( or any other NPN transistor)
  • 220 ohm resistors ( resistors value can be changed according to desire)
  • 20k resistor
  • 5 LEDs (any color)
  • 3 to 12 volts battery or power supply
  • 47uf capacitors (16v)
  • copper wire for rings

Step 1

In this 1st step i have made a copper wire ring and sol 5 LEDs + points on it in ring shape as shown in the pic given below

Step 2

In this step i soldered 220 ohm resistors with – sides of LEDs. so in this step LEDs + and – side has been attached as shown in the given below pics,

Step 3

in this step i have soldered Emitters points of 5 transistors with 220 ohm resistors. i have used BC transistors you can use any NPN transistor according to diagram. Step 3 pic is given below.


Step 4

After attaching Emitters of all transistors with 220 ohm resistors. In this step i have soldered 20 kilo ohm resistor with base point of transistor and + ring. you can change the value of resistor to increase and decrease the speed of blinking or chasing. Increase the value of resistor will decrease the speed of blinking and decrease the value of resistor will decrease the speed of blinking.

Step 5

in this step i have taken an other copper ring and soldered all emitters points of transistor with it for giving – supply to all transistors as shown below the diagram.

Step 6

In this step i have soldered 5 capacitors valued 47uf 16v with base of 1st transistor and collector of 2nd transistor and in this way last capacitor attach with collector of 1st capacitor and circle completed as shown in the given picture.

Now it is time to give power to the circuit attach + wire of battery or supply with inner ring and – point of battery to the outer ring. Circuit will work perfectly and effectively .

Final step with battery is given below

Circuit Diagram of 5 LED chaser

circuit diagram for 3 to 6 volts 5 leds


  1. circuit not work until i triggered it with extra capacitor why…….?
  2. when i attached a capacitor with collector to – line it work perfectly why….?


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