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Author: Yaqoob Gillani

I am yaqoob gillani electronics engineer and in this website i am going to show you very simple electronic circuits and also i am giving training about basic programming languages.
Jan 2019

LED Chaser with transistors

In this project im going to show you how can you make a very super led chaser using some capacitors,transistors, LEDs and resistors. Transistors are very handy little components that have many capabilities in electronics fields. In the circuit i have made 5 LEDs chaser in a ring shape. Components Required: Transistors BC 547 ( […]

Jan 2019

Powerful DC variable supply with LM317 and 2n3055

Commonly we use fix voltage regulator when we have to fix voltage for any circuit. Many times we need variable voltage power supply to control the voltages according to our choice and here we needed a variable voltage power supply. LM 317 is is best choice for this purpose, Draw back of lm 317 is […]

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Jan 2019

Water level indicator using ic ULN2003

Usually water stored in overhead tank is wasted due to over flow ,when the tank is full.  this circuit is about water level indicator Water Level Indicator with Alarm using transistors

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Jan 2019

LED Chaser using 4017 Counter IC

Introduction This is very short circuit LED chaser with only ic 4017 counter ic.In this circuit i have used flashing led for triggering that is way there is not self control on speed.

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Jan 2019

What is Computer Science

Computer Science Computer science is the 3rd most popular studies major among international students coming to the America (United States). There are innumerable reasons that computer science is very popular, including exceptional job security, unusually high starting salaries, and diverse job opportunities across industrial field. However, an international learner contemplating studying computer science requires to […]

Dec 2018

Flashing Police Lights Circuit

Police car light flasher circuit diagram A very interesting circuit the police car light flasher. The main driver of the circuit is the 555 timer chips and the idea of police car light flasher having the light flash alternately and at the same time having vibrating flash. The figure above you can see the schematic […]

Dec 2018

Motion Sensor Light using LED Bulb and PIR Sensor

A motion sensor light switch is great way of saving energy short fall period.  A PIR sensor light switch will automatically detects when someone enter the room or any place where motion sensor is set. Then, after a few minutes(adjusted by your desires) where no movement has been detected, the lights will then automatically turned  off. Although a […]

Dec 2018

pointer in c language

 What is pointer. The Pointers in the c programming  is a variable that points to the address of another variable. The  Pointer in  the C language  is used to indicate the  memory randomly for example  at the run time. pointer variable strength  be comfortableness to the  any of  data type such as int for digits, […]

Nov 2018

linked lists

Introduction of linked lists The Linked lists are the best example  of a energizing  data structure that uses indicators or cursor for its execution. Therefore, knowing cursor  is crucial to knowing  how linked lists works, Therefor if you have skipped the cursor session, we should go back and redo the cursor . we must also […]

Nov 2018

what is Array

what is array An array is a data structure that contains a series of elements . The  array is used to store the collection of data. but it is mostly  more useful to think about an array as a collection of variables of the same type .The elements are all of the related  data type in .The Array  is a  collection of data […]